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Haha true, true, I also know Chinese and very minimal vietnamese. I want my mom to teach it to me so I can actually understand my grandparents XD
Fri Jan 30, 2015, 4:48 PM
I have like 0 interest in Spanish though...I don't care how practical it is. :P
Fri Jan 30, 2015, 2:01 PM
I took 5 years of Spanish in elementary school and on a whim decided to switch to French in 6th, been taking it for the past 4 years and I almost regret it. XD If I had stuck with Spanish I'd be so much more fluent, but oh well. XD
Fri Jan 23, 2015, 6:48 PM
french is kay, kind of wish I knew Russian and German now. And Latin. And Italian. shit.
Sat Jan 10, 2015, 4:28 PM
EEP. //grabs marshmallow stick. muahahaha
Fri Jan 2, 2015, 9:49 PM


I SAY DO THIS TOO. compliments :')

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 8:01 AM
ahhh this is such a sweet idea!! <3 i'm too late to enter, but i still hope you guys do this too out of the goodness of your own hearts. i'm kind of taking it into my own little way of saying  new years thanks to as many people as i can who have really inspired me to do so! :') it's really awesome to see this going around and i hope it does more often! 

SO...DO THIS.Let me start by saying that if your response to the following is "... that seems like a lot of effort", then YOU'RE THE WORST. SRSLY. BOOOOOO.
I wanted to steal Schwartze's idea. She is absurdly generous and always does the BOGO premi thing every year. This year she's making ya'll WERK 4 IT (click her name and find out). So I'm STEALING HER IDEA.
Why? Well lately I've found a lot of people are being self-centered, grouchy, selfish, self-sufficing, and a bunch of other synonym's that basically boil down to "jackass'. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it can really bring out the worst in people as well as the best. So while we're in the spirit of giving, I'd like to bribe you folks into being nice. After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about?*
Not for me. For whoever, but they need to be on DA. All you

i'm actually going to be doing more than 10... i hope that's okay??? anyways/// moving along dun dun dunnnn
*i'm not even going to mention art, because all these guys are amazing artists and their work is literally impeccable ;A; okay got that done n said so here we go* 

impassioned-dreams dude i have no clue where to start. telepathy twin you are my sun and moon. you're an outstanding friend and i can't thank you enough for all the times you've supported me in everything. your honesty and kindness is just really impeccable and you're down to earth and aren't full of well.... yeah. ;) i don't even know how our friendship began, but over the years it's morphed into this crazy amazing thing and i'm so glad to have you in my life <3 thanks for being loyal and true for all those years pash. you're one of those gems girl :heart: WATCH OUT FOR THOSE GIRAFFES LURKING ON YOUR PAGE <3

holy moly this girl gives the best advice ever just so you know. thank you so much for being there when i'm broken and trying to keep me positive. i really wish i could help you as much as you helped me considering what's happened thus far. i  enjoy our stupid talks tons and tons, not that their actually stupid, but the details are stupid an we both know it but that's what makes it da bomb <3... unicorn parties, etc etc ahahahah. LOL. i'm super glad we're friends, and yeah, some day we can at least say we tried to help each other muddle through this crazy life right?? :') ...just keep swimming... and don't be the shark that scares all the little fishes away AHAHAHA. (;

okay. your generosity flabbergasts me Kayla. you give to so many people and i just can't even. i always see your bright and cheery comments lightening up deviantart like it's the northern lights on a max scale of 100000000000. you are you, and you're so unique in each and every way. i really just love hearing from you and i enjoy each and every moment of it! just about everything you do and say brings this gaping smile to my face. thanks for keeping deviantart so true and amazing. people like you are what holds this community together :') ANDYESMORETHAN3HEARTS :heart::heart::heart: HEHEHE ♥

hearttosoul and LuxxPrior
guys. you two sisters are so hilarious bahaha. it's silly how i got to know you and a lot of other people through howrse considering how i don't even go there anymore really. but dear howrse, i'm eternally grateful for you for meeting you two and my other friends. i really enjoy the jms with you guys you always seem to make me smile. between one of you's lostness, and the others' get with the program geez sister thing, i can't tell you how many times i've almost ended up crying from laughter. you're both always so supportive as well and it means the world to me. don't ever stop being you, because you're really special to me in each and every way. our lives have gotten busier and busier and i really miss talking... we need to jm soon! ♥♥

ahaha what can i say. let's start with your user. MISCHEIFE. okay this is so stupid and funny but the first time i saw your user, i was literally brain dead and up late at night, and i thought it was like, "miss chief" or something. like you were the chief.,, of what?? i was up a week later, then i saw your real user and was like. OOPS WOW SO STUPID AMY. LOOOOLL. but yeah, i had it confused just a tad ahah. but then later, your user reminded me of the actual, mischief, and i also laughed at that. anyways enough with usernames. i wanted to say thank you for all the support you've given me, and it's so fun talking with you! i really love your personality it's so funny and kind at the same time hehe!! i really life gives us a chance to talk more often :c OH BY THE WAY. the canoe with the pie shall be arriving in 5 days. just so you know.... ;) :heart:

i don't know you all that well,(we should talk sometimes btw! (: )... but i see you all over deviantart helping people. you seem like an amazing person, and you put so much effort into the groups you are in and it really shows just how much you're helping others out there on dA. groups are tough, but you make it all so wonderful. i and so many others really appreciate what you've done! 

I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOING GOOD FOR YOU OVER THERE IN BOOTYVILLE :heart:  ;vnv; girl. life without you would be life without color. EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING TIME i talk to you there is this huge gaping smile that i swear, it's as wide as the grand canyon. i try and come up with silly stuff, but no no no i grant you the queen of crown... oh wait i said that wrong. i grant you the crownto be queen?? IDK. anyways your hilariousness is very much loved by me and i really appreciate it tons and tons because it brightens my day each and every time. also, you're one of the most unique people on this planet so please don't ever forget that unlai. i wish we could talk more and (did u ever get a kik??) anyway stay hilarious and sweet and i hope to talk to you soon! ! :heart:

SKAZ. what can i even say to you. i'm super glad we're friends. it's tons of fun talking. and oh wow we're so random and also WE KIND OF SPEAK IN CAPS TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME AND IT'S NORMAL. it's our own way of talking and it's super special to me lol. thank you for supporting me and making me smile time and time again. oh also, thanks for putting up with my spaz filled life. AHAHA. yes. i really hope you get that animation like you want it, and i can't wait to see it fully on dA!! HURRY PLZ. no seriously. 

oh the turds. seriously our talks are so random and full of nonsense giggles oh my. when we do get to have serious talks, it's so nice to talk to you because we share a lot in common and it's really cool how we can relate to one and other! (: ... homeschool... farm/home sweet home stuff... turds(no jkjk LOL) but yeah. i hope everything is working out in life. you're incredibly talented and are also such a unique person so don't ever stop being who you are!! :hug:

MY ROSEEEEEE ♥ we also YELL AT EACH OTHER WHEN WE TALK AND IT'S SO COOL AHAHA. LIKE, HOW ARE YOU? and OH WOW THAT HORSE IS REALLY PERFECT. etc etc. anyways i really enjoy your company and i hope that you can find the time and muse to keep making art because i enjoy it so much <3 hope life is going good and that your horses and training is working out :'D wish i could train and work with horses as much as you get to! ;) 

i'm so glad that i finally was able to get to know you josie!! it's tons of fun talking and thank you so much for everything you've done <3 you've helped me through a lot, and i owe tons and tons of hugs :') you really brighten up deviantart with your sweet comments everywhere, and are always so kind. you're also so generous jgndfkjgnfd. YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION to us all! :heart: everywhere i look, you're back at it with such a good attitude and determination. don't ever stop because you're going to go amazing places in life! <3

wow dude you better never leave kik because if you did i'd probably cry my eyes out. i hope you still lurk around dA so you see this but just in case i'm going to message you <3 ahhh where to even start ; A ; wow so many good times. for a while there your shoutbox supplied me with enough giggles for my entire life man. you, skaz, and unlai are kind of like that pack of people that giggle and then make me giggle. you guys are contagious AHAHA. i remember those plz accounts and the comments ndfjgndfkjgn. hilarious :') i really enjoy talking with you as it brings me out of my stress--y life and we can talk pretty much about whatever we want. thank you tons and tons for all the support and help with art over the years ♥ i hope your horse is well and you are safe and sound back home from traveling. talk to you SOON. :heart:

I MISS YOU TOO STEPH. Dx i'm so sorry that pse and your laptop are rotten potatoes, it breaks my heart because i know how much you love to do art. i wish i had more time so i could rp and stuff with you! thanks for being a great friend through all the years, and such an inspiration as well. you're pretty much what got me started on this whole thing and i owe so very much to you <3 hang in there... we'll have to jm soon! :heart: or maybe chat, or?? i miss our small crazy talks tons and tons D:  ♥  

I MISS YOU. hope all is well on your side of the creek!!!! :heart: thanks tons and tons for giving me advice on art and sharing an amazing friendship for so long. you always do so much for others when you really need things done for yourself, and it's crazy how you juggle everything! i really miss talking to you and i hope we can talk sometime soon again because it's been forever!! 

hey!! hope all is well for you as well and your sis!! thanks for being so fun and helpful to talk to, it's really cool that we have so much in common! (: keep up the great photography and stock, i really enjoy seeing your images because they tell so much <3 hope school is going good and talk to you soon nvn 

you're so sweet and helpful to everyone everywhere i look and turn. thank you so much for this jasmine, it really brightens up dA. plus, you're a heck of a gal and it's super fun chatting! (: i hope college is going ok and you end up somewhere amazing in life! hope we can more often! oh plus i adore your webcam atm BAHAHAHA. <3 

gahh!! you're so determined, it's amazing. being a mom/college and working that's really cool!! it's hoards of fun chatting and i hope that college goes out okay! :heart: don't ever leave dA because you really help me with so much and i appreciate it! <3

awww iddy!! you are always featuring/showing love to someones art and you brighten up devianatart so much. you make it a better place here! <3 plus, you're so sweet. i swear, if sweet was you, you'd be a bowl of ice cream hehe :giggle: hope school is going great and i miss you! :heart:

thank you so much for your support. you're an amazing person and artist and you give a ton to the community! thank you for this (: also, i hope we can get less busy so we can chat more often!!! ;) keep it up and talk to you soon! ♥

you're always offering a hand of help, and giving some really wonderful and honest feedback. thank you from me and many others who you've helped improve! <3 thanks for lightening up dA and helping artists reach their goals, you're really special! (:

anddddd a huge shoutout to everyone else!!! holy moly this was long. i wish i could name each and every one of you guys but i can't :C each and every one of you cheer me up and bring smiles and just those things along mean a ton to me <3 thank you for everything.
i luff you all tons and tons and hope to talk to you soon!! :heart:
have a wonderful/daynightwhatever, 
amy ♥ (:

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if i miss your note and it's been at least 3 days, please note me back! i'm trying to prioritize and am not doing well Q A Q

everything is closed.

owed artwork;
Nanalina20 pagedoll 1 & 2 ; paid ; 25% complete.
impassioned-dreams manip / Dymestl
frenziiied manip / Nal'elm

:iconequimanipulate: secret santa for"______" HA you will never know who (;

mockingale both yet to start.
Poisons-Kiss my half; done.

art trades;
hearttosoul my half; done.

orders awaiting for me;
EquineLullaby pixel chain.
Feathers-Of-Fallen Amara pixel.

if i'm forgetting anyone at all, please message me asap!
my life is slightly scatterbrained atm. well, my life is normally scatterbrained...
so i'll say more so than normal aha ;_;

do not post chain mail on my page.

thank you guys so much :heart:


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