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June 4
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10/4000 second
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70 mm
Date Taken
Dec 11, 2007, 8:33:56 AM
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0 Windows
washed away with rain 

please download for the up-most quality

gift for the super outstanding dear friend, Poisons-Kiss and her well known handsome boy Cold War!
I had so much fun with this, I had a ton of freedom and this really inspired me and got me back on track art wise. I actually was going to do Kiosydan, but scratched it haha. Then, when I was faced with the color change, I pretty much had this huge feeling of failure, so I put it down... later that week inspiration hit, and was like bam.  I started in again and it all went so much better after that. somewhere along the lines I gained my confidence back. so yes, silly little story, time to get to the rest n v n

okay Cas, feel free to totally scald me but I had to //evil smirk//. I just had to capture Cold War's inside... maybe what he was really feeling - his brokenness. The part that never is shown. He's always so brave, and I've never seen him broken, and in life we all are broken at times. So there... I had to. I really hope you enjoy!!! :heart: you've been there for me ever since I've known you. even a year ago, and I didn't really know you at all, but your heart was always open t anyone. I really enjoy talking to you, you're always bringing smiles to my face.  it's people like you on dA that inspire us. Your art is just jaw dropping, and you're willing to help people. You're not selfish and snobby, you care so much about others, and it amazes me :') I can't wait to see what other jokes and silly things we come up with later in life, n'aww just thanks for being such an amazing friend ♥♥

-amber :tighthug:

Horse Horse original background swan rain

Everything else  
 © amberrsome 2014

Do not use this image. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission I have various watermarks hidden in my images.
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All right so, I adore the composition and lighting in this piece. It's very surreal and reflects the broken theme you mentioned you were going for so well. This character's design is one that I would find kind of difficult to work with due to its color combinations, but you perfectly contrasted blue and red because they are near opposites on the color wheel so it just really makes the piece feel unified and thought through.
I also love the amount of blurring in the background and how sharp and in focus it is around the horse. It's just beautifully blended and not over done at all. The swan is a nice touch, but it looks slightly fuzzy next to the sharpness of the rocks and water around it. I could see it being blurred slightly if the area around it was too, but just a tad of smart sharpen on it would help.
The rain looks so pretty and serene too. The only thing I would have done differently is the way it's bouncing off of the horse's back. They kind of just look like little lines rather than splashes or mist, even though it still looks pretty good even as it is. And the only other thing I can think of is that the horse's eye looks slightly too small, but it could just be the angle of the horse's head who knows. Overall I just really like this a lot. I already said it once, but this is my favorite image of this character so far. c:
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Critique for Equinspiration!

The shading on this is excellent! Although my style deviates away from a softer shading technique, the shadows and highlights are in excellent for ere. I might recommend sharpening them in some places, however, as it can make parts of the body look soft/squishy where they are not. An example would be on the horse's jaw, which to me looks a little more voluptuous than most horses' cheeks are The shading on the swan is excellent! :)

While I don't believe you need to edit the raindrop splashes (they look fine to me!) I would recommend adding some light mist over the horse's haunches and in the background to really tie together the rain, horse, swan, and background. I find a good technique for mist is t use a soft brush and then gaussian blur is a bit to get rid of your brush strokes.

Finally, while the colors match really well together, I feel like the horse's marking look like they're floating about the horse's back. The markings don't have any of the shading that the body does, so they look out of place here. Compared to the light blue/silver/white on the legs and underbelly, the colors of the markings and just much too white and bright for the setting of the piece. If you move the shading level up over the markings, this would be a really easy fix c:

Thank you for submitting! :D
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aww iddy :huggle: thank you! 
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I love this, the markings on the horse, the swan, really beautiful work!
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thank you very much! c:
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Beautiful, i love the rain and the color palette you chose. :D
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this is perfect
you magician
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